A set of services for maintaining and reinforcing prefabricated concrete structures is included in this section

  • mechanical cleaning of surfaces;
  • chemical cleaning and treatment of surface;
  • sealing of cracks and chips with advanced formulations;
  • external reinforcement system;
  • deep reinforcement of structures by way of injection.

Over time, concrete surfaces exposed to bad weather and external aggressive factors change, become darker or lighter, covered with spots of unknown origin. Due to shock loads or poor concrete quality, the paint comes off and the exposed reinforcement gets rusty, leaving ugly rust streaks on the surface. Moss, mold, graffiti, cracks, etc. can also occur on the concrete surface.

Our company has wide experience in dealing with such situations. Using the most advaned materials, we achieve the best results at the lowest cost.

The system of external reinforcement and repair of reinforced concrete structures by injection is described separately in this section.

The reinforcement of building structures mean a set of measures aimed at:

  • Increasing load-bearing capacity;
  • Increasing stiffness;
  • Increased resistance to cracking and other characteristics required in view of their operation conditions.

The reinforcement of building structures is usually preceded by their preliminary repair. We have expertise in using lots of structural reinforcement methods which depend on the conditions of repair and reinforcement of a building structure. DM Alliance actively develops and widely practices the best and most advanced methods of reinforcement of building structures.

We perform works to reinfoce the following building structures:

  • columns, poles, pylons, column consoles;
  • beams, crossbars;
  • solid-cast, hollow, ribbed floor slabs;
  • openings;
  • reinforced concrete walls.

Structural bonding of structures by injection, i.e. the process of feeding a restoring mixture with special equipment through drilled holes and installed packer system into the structure body. Injection is aimed at filling internal flaws of structures that occurred as a result of poor concreting, negative environmental impact or mechanical stress with special mixtures.

The reinforcement of concrete structures of buildings in order to increase their load-bearing capacity is usually performed in a conventional way, i.e. through installation of the so-called concrete jacket. However, this method has certain drawbacks: geometric dimensions of the structure, its weight and, thus, the load on the underlying elements increase. Moreover, this method requires more time and labour.

Therefore, the reinforcement with composite elements based on carbon fiber is an alternative to using the concrete jacket. The use of carbon fiber materials and elements of reinforcement allows to make structures 1.5-2 times stronger in a short time.

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Extensive practical experience in the use of composite materials based on carbon fiber allows our specialist to solve the most challenging tasks in the area of restoration and reinforcement of concrete structures.