Erection works

The erection of a building frame is an interconnected process of installation of prefabricated columns, beams, walls, floor decks and staircase elements in such a sequence so as to ensure the stiffness and spatial stability of the frame. The erection sequence shall be determined on a case-by-case basis according to the work execution plan and depending on a set of erection equipment. For best results, we always strive to perform erection works in a prompt manner, without impairing their quality, as a result of thorough erection planning and optimal labour distribution.

Welding and assembly works are also an integral part of the construction process in a modern industrial city. This is not surprising since certain metal elements that need to be interconnected are always included in many structures. Welding is definitely a reliable and proven method. First of all, welding joints are extremely strong and, provided welding works are performed properly, always highly durable. Welding works make it possible to make items and structures of any complexity, which is not always possible when using conventional joints. Moreover, this is welding and assembly works that allow to significantly speed up the facility commissioning, which is particularly important in case of critical deadlines. It is worth noting that only welding works allow to minimize the amount of metal needed to manufacture the most of structures, which ensures direct cost savings without loss of quality.

We have everything you need – from highly skilled professionals to the most advanced equipment – to perform any type of erection works of any complexity!