Concrete works

We have been operating in this area for several years, so we know that concrete works are the most important part of the construction process. The quality of their performance will further affect the durability of the building or structure. Properly performed concrete works are time and labour consuming, requiring performing skills and various types of knowledge, from theoretical background to practical observations accumulated as a result of rich experience. We are specialized in the erection of any type of concrete structures – from sophisticated foundations, load bearing walls, traffic intersections and tunnels to decorative fences and spiral staircases, and you can be sure that the quality of our structures is time-tested, so we believe we are trustworthy!


The quality of foundation affects the strength and durability of the entire building under construction, its shrinkage uniformity and, as a result, the absence of structural cracks and chips. The method of foundation construction shall be typically determined by a designer and depends on many input parameters, particularly:

  • Strip foundation is a reinforced concrete strip running under the bearing construction elements. It is suitable for light buildings in stable soils.
  • Monolithic foundation is a solid cast plate on the sand ‘blanket’. It is multi-purpose and ideal for unstable soils.
  • Grillage is the upper part of a piled or pier foundation that distributes the load from the bearing construction elements. This is usually a reinforced concrete frame running under load-bearing walls of the building and resting on piles dug into the ground.

Walls and columns

Walls and columns, in addition to their main function of space delimitation and support of slabs, also serve as a building frame, i.e. they ensure the required bending stiffness and twisting resistance of the building. Proper installation of formworks and concreting procedure are of particular importance during their erection.


Unlike precast slabs, solid-cast slabs are stronger and more durable and, which is important in the construction of public buildings, ensure better inter-floor fire resistance. Moreover, solid-cast slabs can be directly constructed on columns, thus ensuring better space arrangement (particularly needed for office buildings).